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by Zizou Corder
Puffin Paperback 2003

Charlie Ashanti can speak Cat. He takes it for granted - but when his mum and dad go missing, the cats are the only friends he can turn to. Setting out to find his parents, Charlie stows away on an incredible circus ship bound for Paris. On board he meets six proud, beautiful lions who need his help: if he helps them escape the circus and get back to Africa, they'll help him find his parents. But many enemies stand in their way: the cool, mean teenager Rafi, Maccomo the mysterious liontamer and, above all, whoever it is who has stolen Charlie's parents.

From the press:
'A new star has appeared in the children's literary firmament... sparkles with wisdom and wisecracks... startlingly original in characters, setting and plot' - The Independent
'One of the best books of the year' - Mail on Sunday
'A cracking pace and excellent jokes' - The Guardian
'Simply absolutely brilliant' - Disney's Big Time
'Stunning' - The Observer

From the readers;

William H.F.
'An excellent novel that I would strongly recommend to all, It had me gripped thoughtout and I couldn't wait to keep reading more. I am looking forward to the next book.'

'I like your book Lionboy I did not like reading before Lionboy now I like reading.

'I may not have read Lionboy but I know a good book when I see one and Lionboy is a very good book'