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by Zizou Corder
Puffin Paperback 2004

Charlie Ashanti is on the run from an amazing floating circus with six homesick beautiful Lions and an extraordinary sabre-toothed creature - or he would be if he wasn't stuck in an snowy avalanche in the Orient Express. Charlie has promised to help the Lions find their way home to Morocco but he has his own problems: his Mum and Dad have been kidnapped and he is determined to find them.
His new friends, King Boris of Bulgaria - who drives his own train, when not travelling by hot-air balloon - and his security chief, Edward, have promised to help. But can Charlie and the Lions trust them?
Through the Alps to Venice and beyond, alongside genetically engineered pets, revolutionary gondoliers and Sergei the sarcastic one-eared Northener, the chase is on …

From the press:
'I am lost in admiration... this is not just a fun book, it is a wise one' - The Independent
'Thrilling moments and dangerous scrapes... we give this a big paws up!' - Funday Times
'An evocative, suspenseful tale of betrayal and courage' - The Sunday Times
'Direct, vivid and engaging' - The Times

From the readers:

23 October 2009
Reviewer: tommy.d
'This is the book i''m reading. the first one was good but so far the second one is much better. LION BOY ROX THE HOUSE DOWN'