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by Zizou Corder
Puffin Paperback 2006

Charlie Ashanti – lion-rescuer, shipwreck-survivor and Catspeaker – is in a seaside town in Morocco, safe with his parents. Or is he? Old enemies are closing in: Maccomo the liontrainer longs for revenge, Rafi is furious, and the evil Corporacy want his mum and dad back - but Charlie will do, as bait.
Charlie, Sergei and Ninu the brave and peculiar chameleon could hide from trouble. But the time to hide is over. Now is the time to fight back...

From the press:
'Stunning' - The Daily Express
'Sparkling in wit and fantasy' - The Times educational Supplement
'Fabulous' - The Observer

From the readers:

14 December 2008
Reviewer: Lia
'Beautifully written. It's suspensefulnense and unpredictalidy (not words!) made me not able to put it down'